Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sparkly Birthday Cake

Our little girl turned 3 last week and as I sit here typing I'm amazed at how fast time flies by.  It seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital so small and sweet.  Now she is this little fireball with nonstop energy.  Seriously, if they could bottle the energy that she has there would be no overweight people.  She WEARS ME OUT!! 
We opted this year for something very low key.  Birthday party costs can add up fast and all Kamryn cared about was having a sparkly birthday cake, a bicycle, and her friend Haley at her party.  I went with it.  We went to the Inflatable Wonderland in the mall.  For all of you without kids, that is a place with a bunch of bouncy houses and you can let your kids go crazy.  There are not sharp corners or hard things for them to injure themselves.  After about an hour of that we went back to our house for pizza, cake, and ice cream.  All the girls cared about was the birthday cake of course.  We all had a very nice, low stress birthday experience.  Now of course I have to start thinking of Ava's first birthday.  Once again, time flies.  She is already 8 months.  She is such a sweet little girl.  She hasn't started crawling yet.  I have a feeling she's not going to crawl.  She hates being on her stomach or the crawling position.  She is starting to try to pull up on things but is still not quit there yet.  I guess you really don't need to crawl when you have a big sister who will drag you places.

Some of the things that Kamryn can do now that she is 3:
    1)Say the word "Shit" and know when to use it.  She said it today and I told her "that's not a very nice word" and she replied "But mommy you always say it!"  Lesson:  Children listen to the things they're not supposed to.
    2)Ride a bike (She got it for her birthday).  We have ridden it daily since she got it last week.  The only problem is that I end up pushing it on the way back, along with the stroller.  It's not easy.  We have had 2 crashes already that haven't phased her.  (Thanks for the helmet Nana.)

    3)Procrastinate!  I feel like I have a teenager already because I'll ask her to do something and she will totally ignore me.  After I repeat myself, she raises her voice and with the sassiest attitude ever replies, "I'm fixing to!"
    4)She sings "I threw it on the ground" in reference to a Saturday Night Live Skit thanks to her daddy.

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