Sunday, September 12, 2010

Doing Time

Where did my summer go????  I'm officially back to work and missing my time off so bad.  I've been super busy and have been working every free minute I have.  I feel like I'm neglecting my babies.  For the most part I try not to work when they're awake so that leaves nap time and bed time which means NO time for me.  I'm hoping things will slowly calm down and I'll get a little reprieve but I have a feeling it's going to be a long year.  Oh well, that's why I get paid the BIG bucks!  Ha!  On a happier note, everyone here is doing great.  Ava has learned to pull up on everything which just makes it easier for her to terrorize Kamryn.  Kamryn has a little table that she likes to eat on every once in a while and it's just the right size for Ava to climb up and grab things off.  Yesterday the plate of pancakes that Kamryn had left came flying off onto the ground so we have to be careful.  Both Kamryn and Ava are doing better at school and daycare.  There are no more tears in the mornings.  (Almost none)  Kamryn has made some friends and Ava just tolerates being left.    And other that that life just continues here at the Bodine House!