Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Godzilla

We have a monster in our house, terrorizing cats and Kamryn, destroying buildings (Lego Towers), and making messes (There are Cheerios EVERYWHERE). I like to call her baby Godzilla, aka Ava. It has been a long time waiting but Ava has finally started to crawl. Kamryn crawled at 7 months so when Ava was that age I just assumed it would be any day but she took her little time. Finally she was crawling a little before 9 months and since then has learned to haul butt, knocking down anything in her path and leaving a trail of toys behind her. It is so much fun to watch Kamryn and Ava interact. We can't do anything on the floor without Ava tearing it apart. Puzzles, blocks, games, coloring, no activity is safe!
Other things that have been going on:

1. I've gone back to work. I'm sad I have to leave my babies but in a way I need a break. Kamryn can drive a person Mad.

2. Along with me going back to work means Kamryn has started Pre-School and Ava has started daycare. Kamryn is NOT doing well in pre-school. So far every morning has been screaming and tears.

3. I bought a sewing machine and have been sewing like mad. I’m making organizers for my students’ desks at school. I think I bit off more than I can chew but I’m at the point of no return. I WILL finish before Monday. My seams might not be straight, I might have skipped stitches and who knows, they might even fall apart but by gosh I WILL finish all 30!  And for all you sewers out their, don't look at the flaws.  Looking at this picture, it does look crooked but it's just the lighting!?

4. The Paci Fairy came. Yes, I am one of those bad parents that let Kamryn have a pacifier until the age of 3 (only at night). She didn’t even suck on it anymore. It just sat in her mouth. So a couple of weeks ago the paci fairy came and took the paci’s to give to babies that need them and left candy and a letter in their place. It was painless and we’ve been paci free ever since.

Here are the links to a few videos of Ava terrorizing!