Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brrrr! Staying Warm!

 Well, it's been 3 months since I've written.  I told myself I'd be better this time and update my blog more often but it hasn't happened.  A lot has gone on since mid Novemeber so I'll try to hit the high points of the last 3 months. 
Recently, like the rest of you, we've been hit with some COLD weather.  I know it might not be as cold as Dallas or Lubbock but for Austin, it's COLD!!  In Austin, we're used to it freezing a total of about 5 days all winter but the past month has been crazy!  17 degrees, 20 degrees, miserable!  My school had a late start one day and then it was canceled the next day becasue it snowed.  That was kind of fun.  Kamryn and I bundled up and as we were walking out of the house Ava hauled but to the door and raised her arms up for me to hold her as if to say, "You are NOT leaving me out of the fun."  So we bundled her up also and we all had fun walking through the snow.  Ava loved it.  She just walked and would fall down every once in a while and she'd get back up and keep walking.  That was the first time Kamryn or Ava had seen snow.  It was melted by noon.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were fun as usual.  We got to spend time with family.  One thing we learned this year is that Kamryn will not be getting very many toys next year.  It's not like we got her a lot but she was so not interested in the presents.  We got up Christmas morning and Kyle and I were more excited than they were.  She got up and the first thing she went for was the stocking full of candy.  After eating several pieces of candy and trying to decide what she'd have next, I asked, "Why don't you open some of your presents from Santa?" and she said, "Maybe later."  There is something wrong when you have to coerse your child to open gifts. 

More recently we have learned that Ava might be allergic to nuts of some kind.  She's had several episodes where she's eaten something and breaks out into hives and is itchy and blotchy all over her face.  We've determined that every time, she's eaten something with nuts in it.  We made an appointment with an allergist, got an epi-pen for any serious reaction, and are going to get Ava's blood drawn on Monday to determine exactly what it is.  Poor Baby!

Some things the girls are up to:

  • She is getting sassier by the day.  Kyle asked her if she was 8 the other day.  She is saying things like, "Your not my friend" and "I don't love you"
  • She scratched one of her little friends yesterday at pre-school!!!  What happed to my sweet little girl?  How do you handle that?  I got home and calmly grilled her.  I explained that we were going to sit in time out until she told me what happed.  She finally told me and I made her feel super guilty about hurting her friend.  I have to remember she's 3 but it kind of scares me!  I'm a teacher!  Trust me when I say I do NOT want my child to turn out like some of the kids I teach!
  • Kamryn and Ava are starting to fight over toys.  It's exhausting playing referee!
  • Ava is starting to say a few words.  She's really good at dada.  She can say cat, shoe, and she tries to say Kamryn but it comes out sounding a lot like dada.
  • She gives BIG juicy kisses and sweet hugs.  I'll say give me a hug and she'll wrap her little arms around me and pat me on the back.  Awww!
  • She will not eat anything I make.  She won't even try it.  It's so frustrating.  She loves raisins and fruit so I guess that's not so bad.

So that sums up the last 3 months.  It will probably be another 3 months before I write again.  Hopefully not but don't hold your breath.  Here's some extra pictures of my babies!